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dBPorous offers not only the possibility to buy high quality and low cost material properties of NHV products but it also offers a framework where you can store/view/compare/edit your purchases.
Furthermore, you can include your own material properties accumulated over the years into dBPorous and make them available to your NHV simulation teams around the world.

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dBPorous on the Web follows a 3-step process: Subscribe-Shop-Download. 1) Get tokens from a subscription plan, 2) Use these tokens to buy material properties of available materials in database and store in MydB, 3) download the properties from MydB in the form of a lab report and your favorite CAE software material card. Your data is ready to be used into NVH numerical models.

Furthermore, you can import your own company material properties into your secure company section in dBPorous on the Web and make these properties available to your NHV simulation teams around the world.

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dBPorous On-Premise and Web follows a similar process as the web version, however your company data is more secure since the MydB section is directly located onto your internal company servers. This option therefore offers added data security and the ability to purchase material properties from dBPorous On the Web and importing these into your internal company server.

Furthermore, you can import your own company material properties into dBPorous On-Premise and share with your NHV simulation teams around the world through your company network.


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dBPorous On-Premise offers the maximum security dBPorous can offer. The MydB section is installed on your internal company servers and normally do not allow your employees the ability to import data from dBPorous on the Web. However, if needed, your dBPorous On-Premise admin can import data from dBPorous on the Web as an ad-hoc solution.

Furthermore, you can import your own company material properties into dBPorous On-Premise and share all data with your NHV simulation teams around the world through your company network.


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Lab Report contents

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TYPE 1: Acoustic properties
  • Density
  • Surface absorption (normal incidence measured)
  • Biot parameters
    • Flow resistivity
    • Porosity
    • Tortuosity
    • Viscous characteristic length
    • Thermal characteristic length
    • Static thermal permeability
TYPE 2: Elastic properties
  • Young’s Modulus
  • Poisson’s ratio
  • Damping Loss Factor
TYPE 3: Visco-elastic properties
  • Density
  • Poisson’s ratio
  • Young's or Shear Modulus (freq/temp dependent)
  • Damping Loss Factor (freq/temp dependent)
TYPE 4: Metamaterials properties
  • Density
  • Transmission loss
  • Surface absorption


  • All results in PDF, MS Excel and other popular CAE material card format such as:
    • NASTRAN, ACTRAN, VPS, COMSOL, VA One, wavesix, SEA+, Nova, AlphaCell, Main3A…
  • All results following widely accepted ASTM/ISO standards and /or best industry practices
  • Results with standard deviation